the struggles of creating an itinerary for a place you haven’t been *obsessed* with going to

Oh dear, I apologize for the first-world problem I’m about to embark on, but this post will be about the struggles I’ve been having whilst planning my trip to London (when I have never been obsessed with going to Europe, in general).

Flickr/ jakub.micorek

Let’s do this Q&A style…

First off, why am I even going to London? 
The honest reason is because I was originally looking for tickets to join my family in New York since they will be vacationing, they definitely deserve time to rest and have fun! However, since I’m taking summer classes, I would only be going there for 3 days. A $400 dollar round trip ticket I thought was definitely not worth it for only 3 days, and that does not include flight time. So really, it’d be around 2.5 days. I told my mom instead that I would just hold off and not join them, because I didn’t think it would be worth it for me. I would also have to probably study during the nights there since I’d be in the midst of taking classes.

The next day, my mom texted me with the message, “tickets to london are $500”. Lol, I called her to ask if that was suggesting something, and sure enough my mom was fully on board the “you-should-go-to-London-because-plane-tickets-are-so-cheap-right-now” train.

You’ve done your bit of international travel planning before (i.e. China, Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, etc.) why is it more troubling this time?
At first, I was unsure. I even told myself I’ve done this before, why is it harder than before? Then I realized this is actually the first time I’ve not been yearning to travelled to the particular destination, as well as the fact that I’m only going with one other (and that other person has never been outside America, but yay for her!) When I took my trip to Japan, the first few days I was traveling completely solo, and I felt confident. So odd, since I don’t speak Japanese (currently learning), and I was by myself. My trip to London is drastically different, as I’ll have a traveling buddy, and understand the native language (except maybe for the cheeky slang… pow pow, lock arff…).

Here’s the difference. When I went to Japan (the only actual ‘solo’ trip I’ve taken), I was literally obsessed with going. You know that place you always dream of going to? Well that was Japan for me. I found an opportunity to head in that directions, and I went with it (let’s also note that that trip changed my life, not being overly dramatic). I probably did most of planning before I even knew I was going. The Bamboo grove, Fushimi-Inari, Cup Noodles Museum, public onsen, and all the different types of foods were already in my mind. Unfortunately, the only I know about London/UK is that they have *jellied eel* that I lightweight want to try. So yeah, there’s the problem.

Let me show you what’s currently on our itinerary…

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 6.35.43 PM.png

yeah, definitely not an embarrassing amount of progress. JUST KIDDING, I kind of actually started planning, but only kind of.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 6.38.27 PM.png

It continues for the following days, but it’s not much. I also got a pro-tip from someone I recently met to use Google Planner/Maps for trip! It’s super convenient and looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 6.40.52 PM.png

That’s pretty much the extent to what I’ve planned, so if anyone has any suggestions I’m very very open to knowing more about what’s in the area!




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