this summer, i plan to…

Hello! Been a while since I last posted on here, hasn’t it? In order to stay on-track, I’ve decided to list everything I need/want to accomplish this summer 2017. This past semester, I’ve definitely learned new ways that personally keep myself most productive throughout the day and week. One of the best ways I found out was to list (literally) everything I needed to accomplish the night before, and include the time frame for each activity. This sounds rather simple, but actually improved how efficiently I work drastically.

My list would sometimes look like this…

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.31.24 AM.png

but many times I would be more specific with each hour (or half-hour) on what I allocated my time to. Unfortunately I deleted those Notes after I finished the semester because I was #done lol. Now, on to what I want to accomplish this summer.

this summer, i plan to…

  • take 2 classes (since I already paid for them)
  • work hard and learn a lot at my internship
  • improve my Japanese language skills (@unique where u at tho, we got this!!)
  • cook more healthy foods, learn more asian food recipes
  • post better quality pics on my foodstagram @elzzeats lol
  • be more active (@rachel and I plan to do insanity 2x plus a week lmaorip)
  • plan for my london trip hehe
  • do most of the pre-planning for tmc/nsu
  • learn GIS in preparation for my fall class (much excite!!)

I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to accomplish all of these things, but simply putting it in a list I can refer to will help me stay focused on my goals. Also, I think I’ll be blogging quite often to update myself on what I’ve accomplished (weekly posts, maybe?). That’s it for today!



Song(s) of the Moment: 
Marina And The Diamonds – Primadonna (Prefekt Remix) actually I like the original better and also this damn good song that (my video making idol) Casey Neistat used in his epic uplifting video, Carte Postale.


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