Springin’ out of Break | 2016

Spring is here! And somehow I don’t have allergies ?!??!?! *knocks on wood*

This spring break I didn’t do anything extravagant (like travel to another country or go to the snow), but I did spend it with some of my favorite people, doing my favorite things.

Spent time with Friends

I have beautiful and fun-filled friends, I really do.
Sometimes we have photoshoots before our friends leave to else where
(Hope you had fun Annika! and Tam (congratz on a capella <3)

We stare into each other eyes (even if it’s unintentional).

Ate (a lot) with friends.
Luckily, I have friends that like to eat as much as I do.

Made yummy foods (and had photoshoots with them)

or simply just took pics of food


and took selfies with desserts.


Made food with friends


and took it outside to eat it in a park. Sorta like a picnic, but not really.


Celebrated a birthday by eating more… food. Played with a Juke box, and realized our song didn’t play until we were almost going to leave.

And after all the eating, I ran (like once?) and took some strolls with friends.


It was a great break, but now it’s back to work.

And by work, I mean studying and trying not to procrastinate.





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