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Things I learned in 2015, that I won’t do in 2016

What I won’t (or will try not to) do in 2016, that I learned from 2015

  1. Say “I know”
    I have this terrible habit if saying “I know I know I know” all the time for basically everything, usually when I get annoyed, or when I want to stop listening to someone (mostly with my parents or my sister lol), and I realized- well didn’t just realize- I really don’t know. I mean seriously, what do I really know?! Nothing! (or at least it feels like nothing), so instead of saying “I know” I’ll attempt to fix this problem by saying …uhm, okay. “I got it” when I actually got it, or maybe “I’ll try” when I’m actually going to try, cos I don’t know, it’ll be good for me, yakno?
  2. Say “Sorry” for things I’m not really sorry for
    This habit has stained my mind since forever. I have a tendency to say sorry for things that I’m not actually sorry for (usually in response to me feeling rude, when I don’t happen to be rude at all). Since it will be notably harder to change, I will try developing a habit of thinking of what I did before I automatically apologize for something I probably did not do wrong.
  3. Eating past 12, on a typical day 
    Other than those celebratory days where everyone is up past 2 am drinking or snacking, I noticed I do this on the typical day. This sounds really sad, making me seem like a pig (lol), but it was something I just had a habit of doing when I was studying late nights. I would start snacking a lot. Not only did I find this detrimental to my health, indulging in extremely unnecessary calories, but also found this affecting my mental health and happiness (as in body image and self-esteem). To improve myself, I am creating a formula for my eating/gym-ing schedule so my health gets back on track! This is exciting for me, and will probably be talked more about on my food blog. Also, if anyone has any tips for me to stop having late night craves, or proper ways to stop indulging in snacks, please let me know! I’m all for trying new things.
  4. Blaming my lack of achievements and goals on the self-taught saying of “I’m not smart enough”
    Okay, this one was developed this year (2015), but hopefully won’t be in mind in 2016. As a student surrounded by other extremely smart people, I realized the “I’m not smart enough, that’s why I’m getting bad grades” thoughts just won’t do it. If you’re having similar thoughts, YOU (as in me) are literally the only person thinking those thoughts, I’m serious. No one else really gives a crap about “man, she’s not smart enough, that’s why she’s failing”. Um, well, I can’t say that really is the truth for everyone, but honestly, those who care about you in your daily life (which also should be those relevant to you) won’t have those thoughts. The only thought they will be having are ones to help you, not deter you. This year, I was that girl thinking “oh…wow, I mean I guess I’m getting bad grades because I’m not smart enough”… HA! I mean, I could compare myself to other people (and obviously, I’m not as smart as some people here) but that will be ANYONE, ANYWHERE! Everyone compares themselves to the people who surround them, and me, being at this institution with almost everyone as smart, or smarter than me, should definitely not be a problem. So, this year, it’s time to act on what I believe in and just work hard in whatever I actually want to succeed in.
  5. And lastly, to not be afraid to open up to new friendships, and start considering those friends(??!??) as friends
    This is a hard one for me. One, because I don’t usually open up in general. Two, because I actually don’t have that many friends. Being in college has made me realize that I’m going to be meeting new people every single day, and it’s really hard to be genuine friends when the only thing you talk about is the simple stuff. Be valuable and genuine to your new friends– don’t be afraid to make them a birthday gift or give them a cupcake on a random day (well this was just from experience, when I met this girl whom I only see on Tuesday and Thursdays give me a cupcake for my birthday in class, and it was one of the sweetest things ever), yet try to keep away from the “stalker” or “clingy” aspect that the society has blatantly defined (I usually don’t agree with social conformity, but I personally don’t prefer clingy people). Finally, if you are trying and they’re just not giving you back anything in return (not literally), it’s OK. That person is probably not going to change your life anyways, so go meet new people and find those who care for you and maybe you’ll also stumble upon some who will just *click* with youand when you find a real connection, you’ll feel a thousand times happier.

    Remember, misery is comfortable. It’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort.quoted from this awesome article

4 Jan 16



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